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Selling Points Easy to Peel Seedless High in Vitamin C Favorite snack for all ages
Group: Mandarins
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- January Peak Flavor time - Grown in a cluster like bunch of oversized grapes on the tree - High in vitamin C
Group: Grapefruits
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- Available Year Round - High in vitamin C - Cut into Smiles or Bites Smiles / Bites Lay fruit on side. Slice in half through the "equator" Hold one half and slice into wedges. To get three to four "smiles". Repeat with the remaining...
Group: Oranges
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Fresh Limes from the growing regions of Veracruz, Jalisco and Tabasco, Mexico are delicious, juicy and seedless. Limes are a very versatile fruit that can be used to flavor food while cooking or add to your favorite drink. Available: Year Round Shape: Oval shaped with a smooth thin rind, a...
Group: Limes
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Easy to Peel Larger than Mandarin varieties Quick Healthy Snack
Group: Citrus fruits
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A cross-breed between a mandarin and a grapefruit. There are several types of tangelos: minneola tangelos, Orlando tangelos, & the Ortanique.
Group: Tangelo
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Available Year Round Varieties - Eurekas or LisbonsVery versatile - can be used for cooking, drinks, or cleaning.
Group: Lemons


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